Padres Task Force Team


Task Force Team (TFT) Roles and Responsibilities

Due to a tremendous growth in minor league baseball programs in North Edmonton in 2015, the NEZ Baseball Committee realized that a sub-committee needed to be formed. This sub-committee (TFT) primarily governs Competitive (A/AA), Performance (AAA) and off-season programs (Fall Performance and High-Performance programs). Established to facilitate business operations and functions in a timely manner.

This (TFT) is responsible for the programs mentioned and also guides baseball programs within NEZ Sports Council (Baseball Committee). The (TFT) directs and makes decisions in a sub-committee style fashion and ultimately addresses strategic planning, short and long-term program development, facility optimization, grant funding, player and coach development and financial planning. The (TFT) makes recommendations to the NEZ Sports Council Baseball Committee for approval of new directives, financial needs and policies.

The (TFT) operates under all approved directives of the NEZ Sports Council board, and adheres to the NEZ Sport Council code of conduct and all other set forth approved policies and procedures.

The (TFT) actively supports and works with the Alberta Amateur Baseball Council (AABC), Baseball Alberta and Baseball Canada to promote athlete development, and enhances opportunities for players, coaches and the association. The (TFT) also works collaboratively with other baseball associations and academies in the province and western Canada to promote excellence in the sport.

The (TFT) is driven by “grassroots” to “performance” strategies, that promotes baseball as a positive athletic opportunity for players and their families. It encourages multi-sport athletic performance and surrounds itself with proven professionals that guide and mentor baseball athletes, families and coaches.

The team meets on a monthly basis for scheduled meetings and information sessions and also facilitates decisions and directions via electronic communication, social media and virtual online sessions.

If you are interested in participating on the (TFT) or would like to forward the team ideas for strategic growth and development, please contact Perry Michetti (TFT Chair) at the below contact…

2019-2020 Membership

Perry Michetti (TFT Chair)
Strategic Planning Director – NEZ Baseball
Edmonton Padres Performance Baseball Programs

Dave Ball (Member/Sponsor)
NEZ Sports Council – Baseball Director

Lysiane Bilodeau (Member)

Dwayne Pankiw (Member)
AA/AAA Rep Baseball Director – Edmonton Padres Baseball Programs
NEZ Sports Council – Apparel and Equipment Manager

Cory Toffan (Member)
NEZ Sports Council – Apparel and Equipment Manager

Trevor Boe (Member)

Chris Chelmick (Member)

Blake Hamer (Member)

Danielle Fehr (Member)
Fundraising Coordinator

Larissa Podilsky (Member)
Grants Coordinator